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Adrianne Graves knows how difficult it is to balance your grief with your legal duties in administering an estate. She is available to help with both transactional and litigation duties in estate administration. You deserve an attorney that is responsive to your needs and is experienced in efficiently navigating the court processes, allowing you to expeditiously resolve your case.

We all hope that probate goes smoothly, and that the executor easily fulfills his or her fiduciary duties. However, sometimes families hit snags that require the use of probate lawyers in Houston TX. Even with the best laid estate plan, sometimes difficulties simply arise.

With over 15 years of focused probate experience, Adrianne Graves is highly trained and experienced in handling all the important aspect of estate administration, including:

  • Reviewing and getting the will admitted to probate

  • Appointing an executor of the estate

  • Distributing assets to heirs and beneficiaries

  • Paying any final debts

  • And closing an estate

The good news is that Graves Law PLLC can help with all aspects of probate and estate matters, including managing the two general processes:


When you have had a loved one pass on, and you simply need some support in navigating the court processes to execute the estate. You may need an attorney if you were named executor, there is no executor, or the executor has passed away since the estate documents were drafted. You also may need the assistance if the loved one passed without a will and a family needs to initiate heirship proceedings.


When a will is challenged or executor, or an attorney that is handling probate. These duties relate to legal issues arising from the estate itself.

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As a client, you may want to know whether you can complete the probate process without an attorney at all. Graves Law PLLC is happy to provide you with information to determine if you can handle the matter without the input of an attorney. Let Adrianne Graves help educate you and provide you with the resources to set your mind at ease about the probate process. Contact Graves Law PLLC today to get started.

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