Experienced Estate Planning Attorney in Houston

The right estate planning attorney in your corner can assist you in creating an estate plan for your peace of mind, protection for your family and leaving behind your desired legacy.

Adrianne Graves can help you establish an estate plan to determine how your assets and wealth are to be allocated upon your death. Or, she can help with estate planning to appoint an individual to make decisions for you in the event you become incapacitated. Both are crucial to a comprehensive estate plan and trying to create and implement them yourself can lead to costly mistakes.

Estate Planning

While it is challenging to contemplate your disability or your death, Adrianne Graves strives to focus on educating her clients to ensure they understand the estate planning process and they walk away with an estate plan that is comprehensive and uniquely personal to the client.

By working with Graves Law PLLC on this pertinent phase of estate planning, you are proactively directing that your legacy will be protected and allocated to the correct individuals. You also might have specific intentions for certain assets you own, and creating a properly drafted will can make sure your wishes are honored.

Adrianne Graves is also happy to provide ongoing counsel and will routinely review her clients’ estate plans to make sure the plan captures all of life’s changes such as an accumulation of wealth, a divorce or marriage, new children or caring for an elderly parent or loved one.

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